Chris = Winner

By Chris Leavens

More to come on this, but in case you didn't already hear it via my Twitter feed, I'm one of the top ten winners in the Artsprojekt Labz T-shirt design contest.

One interesting detail: I wasn't entirely sure I entered the contest until they emailed me and told me I won. I received an invite on one of my illustrations, Calling the Sun, through my flickr profile. I always just accept the invitations as it's a good way to spread the word. It appears as if the word has definitely been spread this time around.

This not only means there will be a Calling the Sun T-shirt, it also means that I'll be joining the Artsprojekt community and designing and hopefully selling different products. I'll provide details as they're available.

In other news, I'm feverishly working on more illustrations, one a collaboration, another, a two-page spread for an Argentinian design magazine (South America loves my work). More to come!


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Hey Chris!

Congratulations on all of the work you've been doing!
Just stopped by to say hello!


South America's apparently where it's at right now. I swear, if it weren't for the giant frikkin spiders...

Better to be a winner than a wiener!!!!!

that is so cool! Your work is perfect for tshirt designs :)

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