Very Serious

By Chris Leavens

From time to time, I draw people. And spatulas. (Illustration Friday, topic: time)


Vector art, Adobe Illustrator CS4



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it's fantastic! i love this flowing. so cool image by you again!

Great work, really nice interpretation about the theme.

fantastic illo!!!

This is the groovy bean dip of awesomeness here. I like the whole idea of the haggard, worn-down salary man who, when corporate push comes to corporate shove, leverages his own personal synergies and lets fly his inner Capatain of Industry, with his Dragon Tie Style and Legendary Twin Spatulas. This proves the ancient Chinese proverb: "The best bailouts come from within..."

This is a mature work from a fully self-actualized individual with a keen understanding of his inner mission statement. I admire the dynamism of the core values suggested by this piece.

Whoa, such energy! Very cool lines. Little bird had better get out of the way.

Man swallows blue sperm.....Very SMURFY of you!!!!!

Trippy! Groovy! Dude, I love it!


You're getting way more into lines lately. I can't say I blame you. That said, I hope you told the IlloFri people that time is beat.

Very awesome illustration. Maybe I've gotten too old to be hip, but what does spatula refer to in your illustration?

"Spatula" is an obvious reference to Spatula City.

Where else can you find NAME BRAND spatulas at a FRACTION of retail cost???????

Spatula City.

(With St. Valentine's Day coming up, what better way to say, "I Love You" than with a gift of a spatula...)

I have to go "poke" Alex on facebook...

PS - Chris, good drawing... And Ed, Star Man was by far the best wrestler EVER to grace the NES...

Love the colours in this one, and those great great lines. Your work always makes me smile, lean in to admire the detail, then smile again. :)

Haha! This is such a dynamic one Chris - the way the trees curve and the unconventional color choice. Wicked!

The super grappling tie is awesome!!!! You should release a!!!!It would save me money on buying a million posters that I like...until I get rich and I'm able to build my own wing art gallery to put people's stuff in...then money will be no issue!

I love the way you warped the trees. It's like he's yelling 'get off my lawn' with such force! You have such an outstanding color sense-- brilliant work.

Still liking this one fierce heaps.

Hey, what gives? Somebody just freakin' poked me.

love those bendy trees.

Fighter Hyabusa had a wicked back brain kick, similar to the "ghetto blaster" used by Bad News Brown. It was a very effective finishing move.

However, Star Man had a standing back flip kick, called the "Somersalt Kick", that was just lethal...

Either move would bring the Great Puma or Kin Corn Karn to their KNEES!

I also like how the trees are pink and bendy. And the orange shirt with a pink tie.

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