At the Break of Day

By Chris Leavens

Time to celebrate. (Illustration Friday, topic: celebrate)


I started this one with something much more peaceful in mind, but this is what came out. This is the way my mind seems to work this time of year. I listened to the Wildbirds and Peacedrums album repeatedly while creating this one. Great music to work to.

For those of you in the Los Angeles area, my work will be on display this Saturday (Feb. 21, 2009) at the Flintridge Bookstore in La Canada. A bunch of my older pieces have been on display there since last June, but this show's a bit different as I'll be discussing my work, showing new stuff, and offering up a free print as part of an art-show raffle. Hope to see you there.

Vector art, Adobe Illustrator CS4



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A turf war between the one-eyed bunnies and owls! Excellent! Really like that owl with the eye patch. Really phenomenal illustration.

This really has a pretty substantial amount of apparent physical depth. For a brief moment, I was a-feared of falling into its glowing steaminess.

I really quite like the little guy with the bullhorn. And the Noisles coming out of the bullhorn. The snakey 'round the chimney is a nice touch as well.

Really like the dramatic apocalyptic mood set by this...great sense of space and placement of items to help push it...

wow! your work is fantastic...

Watch me pull a one eyed bunny out of my crack!!!!!!!
Love it!!!

This is truly great and I could literally stare at it for hours. Nice work!

HA! Remember when the Brady kids divided up their bedroom? This is way more effective. And any time there are demon bunnies involved, I'm in heaven. Love this!

And congrats on your exhibition! I so wish I could be there.

I love this one. the owl at the front really catches my eye, then i'm drawn back.

Very cool, as usual!

Ooh, I love this!! The dawn of a new day is a time to celebrate - but it looks a little sinister here. Critters seem to be planning a day of mischief.
Love the colors, shapes, repetition, everything. :-)

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