A Tower, out of Place

By Chris Leavens

Double whammy: flawed in construction and location. (Illustration Friday, topic: flawed)


Vector art, Adobe Illustrator CS4

Prints: chrisleavens.imagekind.com


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AMAZING ILLO! love your work!

brilliant design and colours!

Electrifying! Wow, love the layers and dimension here. And the contrast in color, too. Not a tower I'd feel comfortable living in, that's for sure.

When I saw "topic: flawed," it made me think: "Adobe CS4 and the topic's flawed / In my rearview mirror is the muthaf**kin' law."

So I want to know about the box of lightning bolts. Is it coming FROM the dragon or is it independent of the dragon?

Thanks guys.

Joe: It's independent in every way possible. The plant's holdin' and selectin'. Make one of your rhymes wit dat bidness.

Oh My Goodness!!!! I sure hope that it doesn't just slide off or the monster eat this beautiful palace!!! It's wonderful. You have such a wonderful imagination! I love it. Boy, what it must be like to live in your head or dreams. WOW!!!!! Great work.

such a fun and lively piece, the colors are fab and I love the pattern coming out of the dragons mouth.

Oh man, I wouldn't want to live there. Nice work.

It's always a pleasure to stop by and be wowed by your work!! Fantastic!

yeah, the location probably isn't ideal!

Love it though... so nicely done!

Put a hot chick's head where the dragon is and submit it to Hustler.....Dude it's good!!!

Add a "PORNSTACHE" to the mountain and you could get Playboy!!!!!!!

I'm all for great artwork. And this is outstanding.

But the phallic symbolism is really gettting out of control....seriously, dude....

Take a cold shower.

Or watch Wall-E.

I have to say I think the dragon in the background makes this item work for me as a whole...a bit player perhaps but for some reason that seems to be the focal point for me...which is strange because you have the light sharp building seeming to be the more obvious choice...

Damn, I hate when that happens, haha! Ahhh, so good to see some new Chris Leavens art! This is spectacular man. Hope things are settling at least a little bit at the new pad. Have a good weekend!

I really like the effect from the dragon's breath in the background -- it lends the piece a real music-poster kind of feel. As for real estate issues, I don't think this was a bad bit of placement at all. With a Boxed Lightning Tree in the yard, a person can pretty much locate anywhere they damn well please. Treat those trees right, and they'll zap the person's enemies and NEVER drop a branch on them, even in the stoutest storm. Sure, someday the mountain *might* get them, but the logs never will...

I could look at this all day. The image is striking and the stories are endless. Brilliant work my friend.

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