Interview with Chris in VIZIOmag

By Chris Leavens

Things have been super busy recently, mostly due to our recent move from apartment to house. Even amidst my inactivity, though, things continue to stew. Case in point: I was interviewed for the web-based publication VIZIOmag, based out of South America (I believe).


The feature on me appears in issue #3, which is available as a download for both Mac and Windows. The other artwork and artists represented in this issue are really great, so check it out.

More to come for sure, no doubt. Happy New Year, everybody.


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wow! congratulations, chris! happy new year!

You are amazing, kudos to you! PS I'm sure you noticed I never got my christmas cards out...oops! Maybe a St. Patty's card instead? *sigh* But yours was fabulous, so many people commented on it when I had it up!

It's funny that you mentioned Mary Blair in this interview. I love Mary Blair. Animation historian John Canemaker wrote a great book on her. I'll have to let you borrow it, Chris.

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