Chris Spotlighted on "Go Flying Turtle"

By Chris Leavens

Steve, the artist and blogger behind the website "Go Flying Turtle," was kind enough to interview me and showcase some of my work on his blog. Go check it out! While you're there, check out Steve's artwork. He's really talented and he's a super-good guy. The interview covers different ground than other past interviews have, so it's definitely worth your time if you have the time. If you don't have the time, then sit back and relax because you're really busy and I can sympathize (I'm really busy, too).


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Hey, Chris. Happy New Year! I hope you're all settled in your new home. Fantastic interviews. I enjoyed reading both of them them. My husband grew up in the Jermyn/Scranton area, by the way.

Looking forward to seeing more of your incredible monsters this year!

Nice interview, Chris. Do you still have those children's worksheets? I'd love to see 'em.

(Wish I'd known that "NDA" abbreviation. I'd have used it in "Atomic Boogers.")

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