The Ancient World Blows Goats

By Alex Kinnan


When the crazy Athenian and his young friend from the bakery said they were planning to open a truck stop and RV park in the middle of the desert, I didn't know what to say. Sure, it was a needed service for that hell-blasted region, but were there subtleties of exquisite historical context I was overlooking? I wished them both good luck and headed, not to my home, but to the library, to bone up on my Classical studies. I would not be caught so flat-footed again. Not in the damn desert, anyway.


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How did you know he (Mad Greek) was Athenian???....could be a Spartan, like that video game guy, Kratos...the God Of War!!!! That video game shows nipple. The only other Spartan reference I have is the 0-42 "Southern Spartans", who tore up the 1990-1991 AYSO Soccer league of Central Pennsylvania. Chris will appreciate that. We were "f-ing" horrible...

Most likely, though, if he's palling around with "BunBoy", he's a Trojan...

That truck in the background looks ribbed. For MY pleasure. And it's parked near a pole.

That last line, DHL... I will never look at a ribbed truck with a reservoir tip the same way again.

Sometimes when I try to put a ribbed tarp over my vehichle to protect it, it's too loose and falls off....then I get really discouraged. And sad.

They say you're supposed to fasten one end of the tarp, then pull the remaining over the car. I'm always fumbling with it, trying to get it much as I like driving, it's such a hassle to get the tarp on, and the driving experience just isn't the same - you don't feel the wind in your hair, loses some sensation.

At that point, I usually just say "Screw it". My vehicle doesn't need that protection, right? I'm not driving anywhere dangerous, it won't get dirty or anything, it's safe right? Can your car really catch that much dirt and mud if it's not covered with a tarp? As long as you don't drive around any questionable areas, or park in the wrong garage, I guess...

Besides...since getting married a few years ago, I don't drive anymore anyway.

Wow... That was masterful. I don't know how the subject got turned to one of things automotive, but wow... I really don't have much to say on the subject as I don't really drive as much as I used to. and I was never that great at it. Still, I suppose if I were gonna' drive around in some unsafe areas, I would put one of those tarps on my vehicle. If I were planning on driving through some of the shadier areas to the south, especially on the back roads, then I might even consider using two tarps, for whatever that's worth.

My goodness. Great stuff from the Alex and DHL delivers another hall-of-fame comment.

At the same time, I must admit that Bun Boy might be pissed if he saw this, Alex. He's not one to excuse historical inadequacies. He's actually unforgiving when it comes to just about any inadequacy. Luckily, his partner in crime isn't only "mad," he's also amongst the "sturdiest" of the ancients.

"Hall of Fame" is all that I used to be my nickname in college.

Someday, I'll get the courage to post an actual story.

Even if you don't, I think a pleather-bound omnibus of your best comments might be in order...

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