Brush with Newman

By James Finn

newman I was a kernel of an employee on The Today Show at the time. He came on the show to promote a new film called MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE. I remember just gawking at him, as he casually spoke with the segment producer and sauntered around eating fistfuls of grapes and sipping coffee in the green room. I wondered why I thought this old guy was so freakin' cool. When the Executive Producer walked in to welcome him back, Newman placed his paper coffee cup between his teeth, firmly shook little Jeffrey Zucker's hand and winked. What just happened? Who can pull that off at seven in the morning?

After his segment was over, I walked him out to his car. I had the urge to say something else to him, anything. I needed to tell my siblings and my parents that I actually spoke with Paul Newman. He put on his sunglasses and headed toward the revolving exit door to the NBC building out to his black sedan, and I said, "Nice glasses." He looked at me with a slight wrinkle in his brow and said, "Kid, I've had these things for forty years." And with that, he was gone.


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A brush with greatness... and grapeness!

Paul Newman was cool. Almost as cool as "Wicked" by Ice Cube....sad that a whole generation of 20-something douchebags will know him only by the color of his 7 herb garlic, basil, and onion sauce rather than the Color of Money.

"Got 2 Million....Oh, what a feelin'!!!!!"

I can't say I'm easily starstruck, but I think a brush with Newman would've definitely struck a nerve. Being in LA, I've had my fair share of celebrity run-ins, many of them odd, but the only folks who've made me any bit nervous were David Lynch (the guy has a palpable energy to him) and Chris Elliott (I've been a fan for a long time).

Oh, and I used to go to the same gym as Mac from "Night Court," which was awesome.

Markie Post was hot.

Amen to that!!!
Talk about a rack!!!!

I KNOW!!!!!!

Dan Fielding had THE nicest set of Man-Tits I've ever seen!!!!!

Finally read this. That's a really great little moment you described at the end. The overall piece has a weight to it that belies its brevity.

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