Play Time

By Chris Leavens

Sailing through the air to meet some "friends." (Illustration Friday, topic: sail)

Feeling better about this painting than the last one.

Acrylic on canvas, 24" x 30"


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Wow, talk about some rapid progression; this is really coolsy-o. It looks like some ethereal dream one might have after reading one of those slightly disturbing "award-winning" childrenz books or something.

I like how you worked moose-tashes into it. Also, despite using brushes and paints, you've managed to impart a fluid liveliness to the piece as well. It really does almost seem to pulse and throb with a vital quickness. If I could type better, I'd go on.

This is great!!! Such fun!!

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~ Diane Clancy

This may seem like an odd comment...but you did a really nice job on the crown...while it is a small piece it seems sometimes those areas can be difficult to get right...and because it is so central to the image if it was a hack job it would definitely show through....

I love the colors you always use in your paintings. I love this one too. You always have a way with making the topic reach its full potential. You seem to be comfortable with your style. A goal I have not settled in with.

Oh, I'd better not show this to my kid. She'd be insisting on ponytails and whipping them menacingly around every day! What a fun and utterly delightful illustration. The creatures that pop out of your head are incredibly creative.

And how could you put down your moose painting like that? That was fantastic!!!

Alex: Thanks, I started to paint and then realized I was moving in a direction I didn't want to, so I painted over it and started again. I was looking to progress, so I'm glad something went in the right direction.

Brian: That's not an odd comment at all. The crown was actually the last piece I added. Originally, I was going to have propeller hair up there.

Katie: Thanks. I feel like I know where you're coming from because it took me a long time to settle into any sort of style.

Bella: Thanks so much for your compliment. Oh, and I wasn't speaking at all negatively of my moose illustration -- I was talking about my last acrylic painting. I probably should have been a bit more specific.

Another masterpiece Chris!

cool man

i like

Great colors! I love your style!

i wish i could sail through the air like that too :-) wonderful illustration!

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