They Took The Blue Pill (by alex kinnan)

By Alex Kinnan

And prior to this, all was calm.


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I think you're right, all WAS calm. Strange, however, that there's not a corner on which to sit (according to the visual documentation, that is).

Either way, there's most definitely much enlightenment here, especially "for the big dude."

I never thought Chris would allow dick jokes on his site. But I LOVE IT. MORE JOKES ABOUT COCK.

P.S., my captcha: dancing Gary



There were no corners, but the road sign snuck up on me pretty suddenly.


Regarding this post: I'll admit, it was pretty hard trying to prod Chris into allowing me to stick it in here, as he kind of meant for this site to be a real class joint when he erected it.


Alex - maybe the best double entendre post I've ever read here. Love it.

If anyone has ever been travelling west on Interstate 80, just after entering Pennsylvania, there is an exit near Tannersville (a small town in the Poconos) for a town called Scotrun - but the font on the sign makes it look exactly like "SCROTUM" when you drive by it at highway speed. Somebody else HAS to have noticed this as well. I'll try to get a picture next time I'm out there.

Maybe on my Tripod.

There's also alot of great outlet stores in Tannersville and the Poconos, so be sure to check out Wang's seafood, or the farmers market - which is always stocked with plenty of Apple Sacks. But be sure to bring your Coin Purse, things can get pricey - just make sure they don't stiff you.


What's funny is that it turns out Wang's serves clams.

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