I Don't Often Draw Noses

By Chris Leavens

Nor do I usually draw baby noses. (Illustration Friday, topic: baby)

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Wowwwww,great,fantastic characters!!!


Tooooo funny!

This is so funny, I love the one laughing in the background :) It reminded me right away of playing with train blocks with my nephew earlier tonight... there's a cone shaped red one that he kept sticking up his nose. HA HA HA!

my nose gets that shade of red whenever there's a lot of dust around. hehe. i love the different expressions on their faces, especially the contrast between the wide-eyed one in front and the laughing one at the back.

In the aftermath of the great expulsion from the garden there were many scattered, yet undeniably urgent reports of the new wave of things dripping and unalloyed with shame.

As though you were reading those reports, you have laid down here a depiction of something like what they could have been going on about...

These new noses drop without dripping, though before their wings unfold, they might be said to ooze into this world like that which drips. Irregardless, once the wings come into the picture, there is not a hint of shame in their mien. Just long-legged, or sporting their wings, these are proud noses, fit for the most noble Roman; and equipped with the right tools, both from a ground travel and a flight perspective, to be able to fetch that Centurion or Senator's pizza for him when the bake timer goes "ding."

This works better the more I look at it. I especially like the convincing manner in which the ladders emerge from the clouds and the palpable ebullience of the cute mountain on the left.

The worry that clouds the other mountains, their cleverness in making noses come from their noses (suggesting deep science), as well as their sheer size makes me quite certain that you have made for us here an image clearly depicting the heartbreaking work of staggering geniuses.

Great picture (though it makes me want to sneeze). I really like the expression of the mountain on the right - exactly the one I would be making!

Very unique! Great color too.


I had to laugh when I saw your illustration for this week...
I'm recovering from nose surgery!
Thanks so much for making me smile with your wonderful work!

And thanks so very much for your comment!


Okay, this is funny. It makes my nose itch. The noses coming out of the other noses is kinda gross but your illustration is so much fun I can't seem to get enough of it. Great work! Great expressions!

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