Chris's Work @ the LA Art Walk: June 12, 2008

By Chris Leavens

I've been invited to display my work at another one-night group show here in LA. The location's the same, 533 Los Angeles St., 6th Floor, Los Angeles, CA. The time, of course, is different. The show's going to be part of the downtown LA art walk on June 12th. It sounds like it's going to be much more art-centric than the last show. More details soon. For now I give you this self-portrait I took as part of the promotion for my previous show:



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Where's your hip artist's loft space? That looks like some scuzzed out apartment in, I don't know, Burbank or something. Sweet tee, though. And if I come visit, can you introduce me to that girl in the picture?

Whatever, Darrin. You're not even good enough to wear my girdle -- er, I mean my hip and alluring boxer briefs.

I may not be good enough, but that's only because I'm the neutral triplet.

But as I get older, I sometimes wonder if I'm not falling into some sort of Shymalan/Palahniuk-style mind twist, where I realise that I only thought I was the neutral triplet.

But, far be it from me to addle your mind with the halting complexity of my life narrative, which is at once deeper than Faulkner and more towering than Taft.

I think I know that chick.

This has made me incredibly happy. Also, Wargo stole what I was going to say.

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