Street Pie by Dave Tamkus

By Dave Tamkus

Created in Photoshop.

This is a nice little five-year old gem I recently rediscovered as I was moving.
I was in Pittsburgh and, despite growing up in the Coal Region, was captivated by the totally

different kind of bat-shit crazy people wondering the streets of this much bigger city. I snapped this picture of a construction site. When I returned home and had it developed I was shocked at what I saw running the streets. I now understand why the crazies were constantly talking into their hand as they furiously pushed their cart of empty cans, as though something were chasing them.


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It's like some sort of crazy pie riot in the IC. Although I'm not entirely convinced this is Pittsburgh because not a single pie man is sporting a mustache.

Where are all of these hookers (i.e. "Street Pie") running to? A pretty crazy charity 5K run for the Elks Lodge's summer clam bake, if that is the case.

I've long wondered what happens when you dump a bunch of Trivial Pursuit pieces into a steaming vat of Atomic Space Mystery Fluid.

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