Sort of Open for Business:

By Chris Leavens

After five or so years of quietly threatening to launch a portfolio website for myself, has been spawned. Most likely you've already seen a majority of what lives there, but more will be arriving as more is created and I'll be offering prints for sale through a currently-deactivated web store that's part of the site's software package.

It's still a work in progress, but if opportunity presents itself, visit the site and let me know what you think by leaving comments on this post. Suggestions are welcome.


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Bold and elegant. I'm glad you used the stripy arm-hand that I like; the one that reminds me of Eurotoons or Hanna Andersson pajamas.

With this tremendous venture, let us cast aside our quaint notions of what is right or wrong for the office and embrace this grand vision of the New Style which you have cunningly lobbed our way, even as we slept in the too-hot sun.

Yes, this, THIS is realler than Real-Deal Holyfield.


Seriously, dude, how many times must I beg for "Menstraul" moon has pull, or "It's HELL at the Hazleton Campus" ???

In celebration of JoePa's 81st birthday today, you could at least put up that great brochure where the Nittany Lion is chomping on the face of an unfortunate coed.

Also, possibly the cassette bootleg of Jewel yelling and flipping off Ed, and me screaming "HELMET" in the background would be cool as well.

-The DHL
(that's my NEW Ditty or P-Diddy or Hot Lunch Runs the City...or even, "Vote or Lunch")

Damn, wish yall'd done that earlier, cuz it would have been pretty dope to take the DHL down to the LBC ... maybe for some Pinkberry or something, I don't know. The Yard House is nice, too.

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