Peahen's Delight by Alex Kinnan

By Alex Kinnan

I was leaving the premises early one morning, when I saw this peahen surveying the garbage, presumably in the hopes of getting her day off to a grand start. A popular on-line dictionary defines premises as: "A building together with its grounds or other appurtenances."

This is Los Angeles, so the peahen didn't faze me. But I have been wondering since if the trash bins could accurately be described as true appurtenances...


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"But I have been wondering since if the trash bins could accurately be described as true appurtenances..."

You should check to see if they sit plumb or not. My guess is that at one time they did, but I think some Photoshop wind has knocked them mildly askew.

Huh? You're confusing me. I, I think there may've been some moldy plumbs in that greens barrel...

Appurtenances is a word too snobby for me to use in defining anything. Plus, I don't know what it means.

But what I do know, is that I feel sort of complete, because I finally saw Ric Flair wrestle in person tonight, along with a myriad (not a snobby word) of awesome wrestlers from my childhood and today (my second or third childhood). I.R.S. won a battle royal, strangley enough as Dr. Hot Lunch simultaneously creamed himself about 239 miles away. Coincedence?



So, I'm guessing he won that Battle Royale right after my wife fell asleep?

(She never wants to "Ride Space Mountain"...)


Regarding the appurtenance vs. non-appurtenance question, Alex, I think it would be best if you took whichever stance is most provocative and sensational.


Would all of the Ham and Eggers that I.R.S. threw over the top rope and onto the canvas floor be considered Appurtenances of the Squared Circle?

Ric Flair is the most provocative and sensational.


The most provacative and sensational is not Ric Flair. You may now stand corrected when I tell you that it is without a doubt.......

(long inhale)

Gold Dust.

Shattered Dreams!

On point with the Gold Dust comment. 'Tis truth--let it now be writ and ne'er be struck out.

Oh, and Dr. Hot Lunch: I wanted to compliment you on your high-quality DHL shipping company. I find the deliveries to be equal or superior to Brown.

" would be best if you took whichever stance is most provocative and sensational."

I believe that would be the "Buffalo Stance."


Thanks, Ed.
We try to be fast and timely.
Sometimes that doesn't always happen, though. Especially when I eat too much cheese...

Alex: Buffalo Stance is good as stances go. It's funny, but for all it seems to promise, the Downward Facing Dog comes off as completely disaffected. Not provocative, and only sensational if you count numbness as a sensation.

Ed: If you mean being numb to the jibes and japes of all the haters in the club, then that is some sensational numbness.

Also, this being Los Angeles, we often only linger in the Downward-Facing Dog pose either on our way to or from another fine pose such as Ardha Matsyendrasana, also known as the Half Lord of the Fishes Pose.

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