Fancy Snacks And Fluffy Socks by Alex Kinnan

By Alex Kinnan

As we breezed through Liberal, KS, I managed to grab another quickie through the window. It turned out to be a lucky shot, containing one or two pleasant surprises for me when I viewed it all "big and stuff."

I guess the local patriots and OGs both agree when it comes to fine washing and dining. Them bruisers probably pose and preen like old-time swells while their knits and delicates get done, their tea biscuits overflowing with the freshest caviar.


My dog and I lived in Liberal, KS for about a week, but all the hip-hop and the white funk just blew away my puppy's mind.

So we moved.


Ain't no puppy-dog yet that can stand firm befo' tha awesome power of a Jamiroquai Hat.

Oh, now I get it. When you said "white funk" I thought you meant moldy fruit and vegetables. Now I know that White-Funk is Jamiroquai's hyphenated last name.

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