Self Portrait by Chris Leavens*

By Chris Leavens

*Trigger technically pulled by Adriana.


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Is this the first in a series of honeymoon pictures that vaguely resemble stills from Woody Allen Movies? If so, please do the Hygiene Play from Love and Death, for me and Gary.

The first photo we receive after a wedding is usually a happy couple on a beach at sunset. I like this much better.


"Trigger technically pulled by Adriana" honeymoon.

Hey Six-Eyes McMechastein, that's one fab portrait, that is. I even like the colour. It's pretty well-triggered, too, so mega-kudos to the new Mrs. Leavens.

A pretty hard-core collaboration.

I see that easing the burden of Ardiana's surname has come at the price of resident trigger-puller. I think that is a win-win situation.

A few things...

Can you mail me a few burritos from El Chavos Taco? One a week should suffice. I have some awesomeness laying around here for payment. is what I'm working on now/next, ummm, for now? Seriously, I'll have news in the very distant future.


Awesomeness!? By Greystoke's Razor, that's to be sent hither by priority mail, at least!


Why didn't you wear that at the wedding?
Pure adrenaline, that!!!!

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