No Country For Girly Men by alex kinnan

By Alex Kinnan

My father and I were driving through Kansas last year when I snapped this through the window. I guess it's a good thing we were just passing by, because a "tuffman" I am most certainly not.


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You couldn't stop there anyway. Engine braking is prohibited. I'm sure that puts a dent in the local tourist trade.

I'm assuming that the entire male populace of Strong City have handlebar mustaches, wear leopard print togas, are bald, and lift pyramidal-shaped dumbbells.

Chris: you would be correct. Truth be told, one of the other reasons we did not stop there was that I knew I was not at all up to being given "what for." Such a thing might well have knocked my gay mood into a cocked hat.

But being the dandy you are, you could have easily maneuvered through any perilous predicaments with your powers of wit.

Other Chris: you overestimate me -- such maneuvering would require not so much wit as "Stuance." As you know, I am of late deficient in that... Even my STUwareness is less than it should be these days.

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