IAD: Pick Your Favorites

By Chris Leavens

Although I'm relieved that the month of October and the Illustration a Day onslaught have both drawn to a close, I have to admit I feel a little lost at the moment. Shouldn't I be drawing right now?

IAD is one of the most satisfying creative endeavors I've tackled in years. It also seems to be among the more popular. Due to the positive response, I've decided to have a selection of the images printed and made available for purchase. What I am looking for from the Unloosen community is a brief list of your favorites, if possible. Just choose the five illustrations you liked best and list them in this entry's comments. I've extended the front-page life of the IAD posts in order to make them stick around for a few extra days, for those of you who don't visit often or need time to think.


On another, slightly-related note, I'm going to be delving into wedding preparation land and I probably won't be posting as much as usual for the bulk of November, but I'll be back.



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If I had to pick just five they might well be:


The Tricycle Thief

Stealing Trees


The Moon Has Pull

Also, were you aware that there are people called "wedding planners?" You don't have to do anything at all, simply give my best friend J.Lo a call, and she can set you up just right. Then you can do, like, millions of IADs this month!!

Also-also, aren't some robots really funny? I mean, well, robots.

1. The Moon Has Pull
2. Dry
3. Tree?
4. Stealing Trees
5-t. Another Loanly Diner
5-t. Rude Awakening

Stealing Trees
Moon Has Pull

And any of the simpler ones could be sent to Threadless.com and probably end up on a production tshirt.

Regarding tshirts, I think Worms would be the most shirt-friendly.

1.The Moon Has Pull
2.Stealing Trees


5-The unreleased IAD that was to be shown for only one hour during Daylight Savings Time. Since the powers that be moved it, the IAD was never shown.


I liked:

2-Moon has Pull (even though I didn't get to see the menstraul cycle follow-up)
1a.Cha-Cha Benny
1-Dental Wrangler

"Regarding tshirts, I think Worms would be the most shirt-friendly."

I agree and will probably be sending it their way when I have a chance.

Thanks to everyone who chimed in and mentioned favorites. More is more.


Nuts! Picking 5 was harder than I thought....

Nowhere to Hide
Waxing Pyrocidal
Free the Lamps (nice shading)
Spatch (makes me laugh every time I see it)

I guess i'm into anthropomorphism.
And maybe dutch rubs.

I want them all! Give them now!

But if I have to settle, which I've had to do all my life. (Mom, wouldn't let me have Stinkor and Moss Man, I had to chose one.) So here is my five picks.

1) The Moon Has Pull
2) Stealing Trees
3) Baninja
4) The Tricycle Thief
5-tie) It's a Gas
5-tie) Waxing Pyrocidal
5-tie) Rude Awakening
5-tie) Nowhere to Hide
5-tie) Another Lonely Dinner
5-tie) Improvising
5-tie) Free the Lamps
5-tie) Chompins Rising
5-tie) Spatch

Not to interrupt your honeymoon, but if there was a "Spatch" T-shirt, I would almost certainly be wearing it right now. Even if it were only a baby-doll tee.


Hey, I'm wearing a Baby Doll tee right now...and I'm getting ready to book another flight back out to Cali for one of those Truck Burritos.

Chris, when you get back from your honeymoon in whatever towns I can't pronounce out there, can you make a Truck Burrito drawing or shirt design as well?

Alex, I'm sure maybe you have a picture or video of the burrito - but please don't throw it on Youtube or anything. If word gets out about California's greatest Mexican eatery, it won't be cool and underground anymore...and then every other A-hole who had 15 glasses of red wine will be out there screaming for one. And that's MY job.

That place was totally a "Legend of The Fall" - appearing only at night and all...like a lunar eclipse, a "Lost Boy", an owl, or the Ghost Pirate ship from the Haloween Episode of Garfield and Friends.

A Spatch T-shirt will be smithed if I can make it happen.

A truck-burrito related photo could be arriving in the near future as there is a mighty special roach coach in Sonoma (pronounced soh-gnome-uh, for those of you who require phonetics), the town in which we're currently staying. Jesus is involved and the truck has been spotted. I just need to find the gas station it's parked next to.

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