IAD 31: Another Lonely Dinner

By Chris Leavens

Well, this is it, the very last illustration for IAD 2007:

My stab at Halloween. I wanted to go for a different, sadder kind of scary. As with a few others this month, I really wish I had more time to smooth out the wrinkles, but the message I want to convey is there.

Medium: AI CS3


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Peter Pumpkinhead still hasn't accepted the fact that his wife Patricia left him for a younger pumpkin.

I like this, even if it did almost make me have a pants-type accident.

The room itself is really pretty creepy, but you're right, it is also very sad. So much so that one almost overlooks the absolute horror embodied by the solitary diner. I've always liked the idea that even monsters need some form of affection, even if it's a simple hug from one of their victims.

This guy may have risen from the Abyss and in one of his more notorious guises may have laid waste to entire nations, but he's still as sensitive as Alan Alda...

When a demon gets stood-up, he feels his sorrow in the same place a human does: In his heart.

It's just that his heart happens to be in a tower made of razor blades, surrounded by a lake of fire and a thousand viscous lower-demons.

What a deeply meaningful tribute to the holidays you have given us. Thank you.


If white fork touches black fork or black knife touches white one, will they conspire to make most terrible explodings?

If so, then this pumpkin has beaten Señor Weirdystrange at hims own game, unless hims can make hasty to patent office before...

Did Adriana take this photo?

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