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I was reluctant to post this one, it being a pretty grainy crop from an already grainy photo, but something about the one girl's seemingly concerned expression, combined with ... whatever it is the little boy could be doing, made me reconsider.

I leave it to the readers of this website to try and figure out what's going on in this image, because I have no clue. What I do know is that I took it last year, in Dodge City, KS, either the same day or the day after the "Strong City" picture.

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Back story: Adriana and I were in Sonoma, CA for part of our honeymoon. A frequent conversational theme of our wedding was taco trucks and the delicious food they spawn, so when we read about a special Jesus taco truck in and around Sonoma, we decided to track it down. I can confirm its existence because I spotted it on the move while I was driving, but sadly, there's no photographic proof. As a sort of consolation prize, however, I'm posting a photo of Jesus truck's market and spiritual rival, the taco truck belonging to the pagan wizard gang known as "Los Magos." Note the artist's depiction of the wizard magically infusing his foodstuffs with indigestion.

Dedicated to the good Dr. Lunch.

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*Trigger technically pulled by Adriana.

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My father and I were driving through Kansas last year when I snapped this through the window. I guess it's a good thing we were just passing by, because a "tuffman" I am most certainly not.

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Although I'm relieved that the month of October and the Illustration a Day onslaught have both drawn to a close, I have to admit I feel a little lost at the moment. Shouldn't I be drawing right now?

IAD is one of the most satisfying creative endeavors I've tackled in years. It also seems to be among the more popular. Due to the positive response, I've decided to have a selection of the images printed and made available for purchase. What I am looking for from the Unloosen community is a brief list of your favorites, if possible. Just choose the five illustrations you liked best and list them in this entry's comments. I've extended the front-page life of the IAD posts in order to make them stick around for a few extra days, for those of you who don't visit often or need time to think.


On another, slightly-related note, I'm going to be delving into wedding preparation land and I probably won't be posting as much as usual for the bulk of November, but I'll be back.


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