Guy-Anner-Muss by alex kinNan

By Alex Kinnan

There's been some debate over whether or not a certain pen in a certain photograph posted to this site earlier is really gianormous. I submit this image as some kind of proof that the pen in question is indeed of the gianormous sort.


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If ever the gianormity of said pen was disputed, this post will certainly help embiggen the cromulence of its massive presence.

It may have once been said, or at least uttered, perhaps recently, that a pen which does not embiggen is almost certainly not gianormous.

This is fantabulous! I was seriously on the fence about this, but now that this is settled, we can turn our attention to topics equally important. Not sure what those topics are, but I think one of them involves Fruit Roll-Ups.

Thanks, it kind of came to me in a dream. Fruit Roll-Ups are a pretty important topic by themselves, so the other topics, or at least one of them, must be of epic concern.

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