By Chris Leavens

Unloosen has been resting lately. You may have noticed a break in updates and there are some legitimate reasons. Here are those reasons:

1. I, Chris, have been busy planning a wedding. Some of you Unloosenites (Unlooseinians?) are aware that I am getting married in November. Some of you, before this point, were unaware of my pending nuptials. Now you are aware. I am marrying Adriana. She has appeared in photos here on Unloosen.

2. I have been traveling. I'm in Dallas, TX right now.

3. Other people are tired and they are getting rest.

4. My addiction to Persian rugs has gotten out of hand.

Never fear! October is coming and Unloosen updates will flood your browsers with a digital deluge of a ridiculous nature.


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P, Persian rugs!!?? LOL!!!!!!!!

OMG, Lev, that's some of the best stuff.

ROTFL... MO ... FER... ummm... the floor thing. With the rolling bits and all.

I prefer to spell it "travelling." I know that might not be the style, but hey, if I get pegged as a blatant non-communist for it, I guess that's the way it has to be.

Also, does the Best Man get to assign titles to all the other guys in the wedding party, like Awesome Man, Second Best Man, and Bubble Man? I think it would be kind of like when the president picks a cabinet, but more cooler.

I actually have a story that I've been meaning to type up and post on the site for a while. I should get to that before the deluge.

El DeLuge had a few hits in the early 1980's that did not stand the test of time, much to my chagrin. "Its Riaining Rain" being my favorite. Is he touring or something in October? Guess my fan club membership ran out.

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