Target Memories by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

"...and then I ponder again the loneliness of the office supplies department."


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I like the hint of the Target plastic bag in the corner.

The posing was artful and lends the image a level of gravitas not seen since the Vice President was bestowed such by (seemingly most of) the mainstream media in 2000. There is truly something powerful at work here, and the caption makes it all the more powerfuller, even.

What small triumphs a man suited-up for serious work might have or dream of remain mysterious but, thanks to your picture, are now perhaps a bit more easily guessed at in our more collectively clear-headed moments.

At work or at play, you have captured it.

Is that a regular sized pen and tiny man, or is it a regular sized man and a gianormous pen?

Is he compiling a hit list, shit list or wish list?

This feels like a moment in time when a sole proprieor was getting things done on his own before the age of computers, corporations and secretaries. So vintage! Perhaps if this was transferred to a sepia color scheme, that impact would be obvious.

Big ups to the spiral-bound notebook!

Weaver: Yes, we were trying to recreate an old-timey general store theme! Good call. That's why there's so much wood and wicker in the picture. Accuracy was the name of the game that day.

As far as our research revealed, people only wore union suits back then. And, of course, pens and eyewear were huge before miniaturization kicked in.

A goal of mine that has so far managed to stay just out of reach is to actually fill a five-subject spiral notebook with things other than to-do lists, shopping lists, and equipment settings.

Those notebooks are already full. They are full of subjects.

Full of subjects!? Why, then they must surely be the notebooks of a king!


Is that pen really gianormous? I thought Gianormous was a city or village in New Jersey. But it's a pen!!??

That's rad.

The gianormity of this pen is impressive. I would guess it isn't the only gianormous pen in existence, though.

And to clear things up, Gianormus is in Greece, not New Jersey, and it only has one O. It is known (like many other Greek villages) for its spring olive festival and its fall olive festival.

Gianormus nightlife is known far and wide for being some of the most disgusting in the Balkansa, although an open-minded traveler can still enjoy it if he or she doesn't mind boiled root vegetables. If you decide to immerse yourself in the scene, you'll find the local techno DJs to be wonderful, as you might expect from natives who have practiced this traditional Greek music for multiple generations.

Because Gianormus is not on the coast, there are no pretty boats, and none of the sun-dappled seaside houses you see in the Isles. Most of the houses are of a more rustic make, and all the only legal color for farm carts is brown. The village ruin is pretty nice for a small town, and a good place to get pictures of a ruin that don't include dozens of Swedes on holiday.

All in all, Gianormus is a neat place to get a taste of the quiet life lived by mainland Greeks, and is just slightly less enjoyable than a second-date makeout.

Damn, homes, my comment's been trumped by your mad erudition. You droppin' travel tips like a ... top tour guide ... or, ah ... like a dope docent, yeah.

Now that you mention it, I'm suddenly remembering the unit on the trance DJs of Knossos I had in school. I was bucking some crazy E during the class, but I do recall it being most informative.

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