Much Natural Enhance for Important Part by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

I wonder... did China strike a deal with the Georgia Department of Agriculture?


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WAO! Even more amazing (or SUPER!!) than this sure-fire way to cream one's breasts and scrub one's hips, is the fact that the shelves were not empty when you walked by. I thought southern Californians were all about this stuff.


It's tough to read, but is that really made by the "Haimin" company????? I also refuse to pay 19.99 for "Beauty Cream for Bust" when I can generate my own naturally.

Haimin Company must be one of the last profitable ventures of one Corey Haim. His greatest competitor, Feld-Balm, makes Indonesian ointments for skin as well. The most popular? Tunnel Soothe, of course! The label reads that it is for itchy Haimy Holes. Who knew they were ever feuding?

Stocking up for your party? Now I'm really upset I can't make it.

"Southern Californians" ARE all about this stuff. What Chris has posted is simply a computer-generated picture of what a full shelf of bust creme and hip scrub WOULD look like.

We carry such pictures around in our fanny packs to show to shopkeepers who don't speak much English -- it's much easier than using hand gestures to try to get them to restock the empty shelves for us.

In the category of all-female tribute bands that perform songs by all-male bands, Venuskiss is my favorite.

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