A Deliciously Ironic Cake by Dave Tamkus

By Dave Tamkus

Another Dave Tamkus find, again from the Coal Region of PA. - Chris

Upon a recent visit to the local Weis grocery store on the day before Father's Day, I stumbled across this cake. I thought to myself, "No, it can't be what I think it is. Not for Father's Day. Can it?" I knew what I thought it was, but for the life of me I couldn't think of any rational thing it was SUPPOSED to be. I have since been in contact with a customer service representative from the store and I have found out what it was intended, albeit poorly conveyed, to be. I have shown this pic to several people and no one could come up with what it is supposed to be. Can you? When you give up just let me know.


(sorry for the quality, I took the pic with a camera phone)


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My guess: this is supposed to be two golf clubs (with covers) sticking out of a matching golf bag. Am I right? If so, do I win anything?

This is the perfect cake for Scott Thompson's character in Brain Candy. He will enjoy it right after he comes downstairs from whatever it is he does up there...

Oh, he's just upstairs studying up on what it take to be "Mr. December."

On a serious note, I think it is a necktie.

I like ... mmMister November...

I also think it's a tie. It was probably a custom job for a father who is a two-headed mutant AND a businessman.


Definitely a necktie...

Thanks for bringing up a great movie, though...I like when Scott Thompson's character's happiest memory is when he gets reprimanded and abused by his drill sargeant and has to do pushups with him lying underneath him.


Every time I think I have an answer as to the cake's identity, I see the picture anew as the page loads and all certainty I had but a moment before falls to pieces. I give up.

Maybe it's not even a cake, maybe it's an architectural model for a new Disney-owned planned community in Florida or some such place.


Seriously, though, it's really just two balls wishing Happy Father's Day to a giant chocolate penis-wang, right?

It is SUPPOSED to be a necktie. And sadly, because of my inquisition, that style cake has been discontinued. It will, however, live in my heart forever.

Everybody should fly their necktie wangs at half-mast today.

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