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By Weaver

My book, A Wonderful Waste of Time, is now up and ready to be yours in all of its tepid glory and mild awe. There are a few places in cyberspace to buy it, but we all know that the easiest one is Amazon. Click here.


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And just so you know, the book description should have been changed, as it appears slightly different on the back cover.

The book thing is complete. Now what the hell do I do?

I'm counting my pennies; do I order it from America or Mother England? Unmade decisions abound.

Now what you do is get to work on the audio-book (selecting a reader, if not yourself, will take hours or even days), followed by getting on with the screenplay.

Hopefully all who read this site are now $24.95 + tax and shipping poorer.

How about the autograph model????

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