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Another Dave Tamkus find, again from the Coal Region of PA. - Chris

Upon a recent visit to the local Weis grocery store on the day before Father's Day, I stumbled across this cake. I thought to myself, "No, it can't be what I think it is. Not for Father's Day. Can it?" I knew what I thought it was, but for the life of me I couldn't think of any rational thing it was SUPPOSED to be. I have since been in contact with a customer service representative from the store and I have found out what it was intended, albeit poorly conveyed, to be. I have shown this pic to several people and no one could come up with what it is supposed to be. Can you? When you give up just let me know.


(sorry for the quality, I took the pic with a camera phone)

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My book, A Wonderful Waste of Time, is now up and ready to be yours in all of its tepid glory and mild awe. There are a few places in cyberspace to buy it, but we all know that the easiest one is Amazon. Click here.

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Roger didn’t like spending much time out on the floor. That was because there were customers out there and they always had questions for him, most of them inane. Still, he had to make the occasional sweep of the floor to keep his clerks on their toes.

While he was finishing one such sweep, a middle-aged woman caught him as he was on his way back to the employee’s only area. From her dazed look, it was clear that had never so much as set foot in a record store before this moment.

“Do you work here, young man?”

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Boba Fett didn't die in the Sarlacc's pit. Few days go by where doesn't wish he had, though. Singles Night at the Elks Lodge eases the pain for a while.

The fact that I even have such a picture in my files could partly explain why I am home alone on a Saturday night.

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I was recently in Iceland and found myself looking at some amazing things in such a small portion of a rather small country. One of these things was the waterfall Gullfoss, or Golden Falls. The scenery of Iceland is unbelievable, and I have plenty of other photos to prove it.

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These dolls stood behind glass in an old mission museum in San Juan Bautista, CA. Unfortunately I couldn't get a better angle on it, but yes, that is a skull she's stepping on. Seemed like a good one for Friday the 13th.

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San Francisco. Chinatown. Normal?

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