Boba Fett At Bay by alex kinnan

By Alex Kinnan

Boba Fett didn't die in the Sarlacc's pit. Few days go by where doesn't wish he had, though. Singles Night at the Elks Lodge eases the pain for a while.

The fact that I even have such a picture in my files could partly explain why I am home alone on a Saturday night.


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Simply awesome.

Looks like Mr. Ferley (sp?) was tying one on at The Regal Beagle in the mid-eighties. Any pics of Larry hitting on chicks with his Chewbacca chest and Vinny Barbarino mask?

The look on his mask, or just posture, indicates that he is wondering how the hell he is going to actually drink his Jesus Juice from that goblet.

Pimpin' ain't easy.

Whoa, looks like somebody has been taking in more buffets than bounties.

"...more buffets than bounties."

You know, it's funny you should say that -- I often thought the bit in Empire Strikes Back, when Darth Vader was reviewing the bounty hunters, seemed so casual that I was expecting him to conclude by telling them there were refreshments available belowdecks or something.

It's also funny that Weaver should mention Mr. Furley, as I unexpectedly happened upon Don Knotts' grave the same week I took the above photo.

Boba Fett got his ascot in the door.

If you have questions about that scene in Empire, then read on, friend.

Don Knotts is dead! When did that happen?

"...When did that happen?"

According to ye internets: on 24 February 2006, of complications from lung cancer, at the UCLA medical center.

Sad but true.

2/24/2006 was my 30th birthday. I've always liked Don Knotts, so I didn't exactly consider his death to be a birthday present.

In case you were wondering, Norman Fell (aka Mr. Roper) also passed away, in 1998. When he would mug for the camera and say nothing at all on Three's Company, it was funny every single time. Nobody could even do or try that and be as funny. The only occasian where it came close (and it is still far off) is when the ending credits/scene wrap-up on CHIPS would play and the screen would freeze the characters in goofy expressions and poses.

Chris - are you reading that joke book from 1983 again?

"Chris - are you reading that joke book from 1983 again?"

Nope. I'm reading the one from 1883, Japes and Tomfoolery, H. F. Honeycutt Hyman's masterwork.

It's pretty good.

Hyman's Nonsense For Ne'er-do-wells is pretty good, too. A bit niggardly with the japes, but bullishly abundant with the claptrap.

Overall, though, I think my favourite joke book is the one from 1683: Reade Thysse Booke Of Jokery And Be Burned As A Wytch, written by The Reverend Silas Goodfinger.

Real True Fact:

I actually used to get myself into a quite a state trying to decide if I liked Mr. Roper or Mr. Furley best.

Hey CraigJClark, I followed that link. Good stuff. Much of the dude's material I looked at makes me feel pretty inadequate, but it's still entertaining and/or impressive.

It's a funny thing about Star Wars, that despite its creator often neglecting to place any real complexity into his work, it still makes enough of an impact on some people that, rather than turn their backs on it, they simply start to add it themselves.

I know a certain amount of it is a simple exercise in absurdity, but that doesn't make it less cool. It's probably more fun that way, in fact. For, when I take the time to think about it, part of why I like the original movie and its sequel is its perfectly-paced pulpy simplicity. One of the problems I have with episodes 1-3 is that there was this feeling that they were being presented as complex works, despite not having any real or satisfying complexity to them, I guess.

Of course, I'll admit it's possible that I simply lack the sophistication to recognise the deep complexities of the movies. Film criticism never was something I was especially good at.

Those last three, though, they were pretty to look at.

Dude, he's all like "what!!??"


He really was, Ted! As far as events in my life go, it was pretty much a real magic moment.


You done good, Alex. Boba Phat was all over comic-con this year, has a Facebook page (lots of media links of him on there too), a Wiki & a bunch of YouTube vids.

Watch the Kristen Bell promoting Fanboys on Craig Ferguson 2/6/09 vid on YouTube - there's a couple of them, but on the one posted by someone named meadowkill, Bell actually talks about this particular Boba Fett at 6:27. Good eye, son!

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