Skull Babies

By Chris Leavens

These dolls stood behind glass in an old mission museum in San Juan Bautista, CA. Unfortunately I couldn't get a better angle on it, but yes, that is a skull she's stepping on. Seemed like a good one for Friday the 13th.


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This picture is really cool. It looks just like what I see everytime I close my eyes.

Lucky you -- it's what I see every time I OPEN my eyes.

My therapist calls it "the best picture ever."

I know the actual title is "Come See! My Big Sister, She Has Defeated Lord Biggyskull," but I just calls it "that dang photy-graph what gives me the willies."


Señor Weirdystrange like this so much. Him will maybe now use such a picture for hims computer screen-saver.

B & W photos somehow appeal to me, especially when the subjects look like they are from the times before color and the delicious sepia.

I thought that this pic was entitled "Nathan Lane-Age 4 and Skullfoot's Itchy Ear", but I have been known to misname art before.

PS- Deuce Rules! Domino Rules!

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