Fellowship Of The Pie by Alex Kinnan

By Alex Kinnan

At Pleasure Faire, I did happen upon the two great adventure-seekers enjoying the evening's repast. A light and pleasant moment purchased, no doubt, with fire and steel ... and ancient magicks ... earlier upon that very day.

As all kind and rational folk take great pleasure at the sight of a good wizard at rest (and only slightly less-great pleasure at the sight of a barbarian doing the same), I thought it most fitting and proper to share this captured moment with all who should fare this way.


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Mifflin the Incredible's mother is searching high and low for her favorite sweatpants. Fear not, lady Miff; your son doth have the power to make them magically appear in the laundry the day after the Ren Fair.

When I read a phrase like "Pleasure Faire," I expect to see skimpier costumes. Just throwing that out there.

"When I read a phrase like "Pleasure Faire," I expect to see skimpier costumes."

Thankfully, the entirety of the Unloose world was spared the emotional trauma of seeing Big Miff in a loin cloth. For this, I am grateful.

But it might be a purple loin cloth, covered in stars and crescent moons.

Could any among us be so resolute as to not even glance at such a thing?


Brilliant website you've got going on here! This pic sure does remind me of home, it does. We've got lots like these two running about here -- something to do with the influence of the tales of King Arthur and that lot. Only difference is that our barbarian warriors eat fish and chips instead of pizza. Lots of Italians in America, that's what I always say.


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