Fellowship Of The Pie 2

By Alex Kinnan

Between the slaying of Jarvis the Unhinged and the supping upon pie with great plum-hued Mifflin, there was a proud and mighty moment where The Gracklecleaver did speak into the Elf Queen's Tiny Box and had discourse with one representing the celebrated Round Table itself.

What he heard did please him so. For, despite being a barbarian with few "smarttes of the booke," as Mifflin would say, he had been in enough pie fellowships to know that "Chicago-style" meant that the wee knife on his bracer would finally be put to good use.


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Wonder what kind of plan Gracklecleaver signed up for. He strikes me as a pay-as-you-go type. I imagine the thought of a two-year contract would rouse his ire and his mighty blade. He'd probably cleave a bill or two.

On another note, this is doubtlessly one of the funniest things I've seen/read here in a while. The last line had me laughing for a good five minutes.

"He strikes me as a pay-as-you-go type..."

Aye, verily -- 'tis as you say. However, as the majority of his money comes from dragon hoards and looted keeps, I guess one could say it's more of a "pay-as-you-slay" type of plan.

Har, har.

OMG you liked it!!?? Gosh, I... Er... I don't know what to say...



Was it a cold day? I see nipple silhouette.

Dude, the only thing that was cold that day was the steel of our hero's blades. Otherwise, it was all totally hott.

NipSil? Probably just a manifestation of the lingering excitement of battle.

Indeed, Grackelcleaver the Chest-Waxed basks quite mightily in many a pie fellowship. He is no doubt summoning the great Domino and his enchanted chariot of lightning for yet another salvo of pie. Disguised as a 1987 Honda Civic, Domino's chariot passes by the fellowship's gathering a few times before spotting Mifflin's beacon at the side of the apothecary's tent.

Notice the left-hand-to-right-ear technique of summoning displayed by Gracklecleaver. A maneuver only properly executed by the elite members of any fellowship.


"Mom....yeah, I'll be in the parking lot - I'm ready for you to come pick me up. Ok...Love you, too. Bye."

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