Your Favorite Legislator's Mailbox Is Lonely

By Chris Leavens

More than likely, you've already read the Unloosen Awareness Month calendar of events at least 73 times, but just in case you've been too "busy" or "illiterate" to take it all in, this message shall serve as a reminder. Only one day -- Friday, October 6 -- remains in the golden-yellow phase of the month.

During these days you were/are obligated to write to a senator or representative and plead to have Unloosen Awareness Month officially recognized by the government of our great and free nation. May we suggest you write a letter or electronic-mail message to Senator Sam Brownback? He's a warm, caring man and a good listener. While you're at it, slap him a written high-five for his strong anti-stem-cell research stance. I mean, come on. We all know stem-cell research is useless, right?


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Stem cell research: do we really need it? I don't know. What I do know is that I saw a gal the other day with a nice set of STEMS and I didn't need no research to convince me that I would SELL my Movado Museum watch so's I could afford to show her a pretty good time.

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