Unloosen Awareness Month Continues. Partial Calendar of Events Available.

By Chris Leavens

Help those less fortunate than you. Add a little Unloosen Awareness to someone's life by pointing them in our direction. Confused as to how to practice Awareness? Here are some suggestions.

Also, the calendar of events is partially completed and available for viewing and sharing. Click it for the big version.



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Wow! What a colourful calendrical concept, and so rich with bold ideas. I never thought of using colours to amp-up my often flagging levels of general awareness, but now that you've thought of it, I think I will, too. These colour coded dates will surely help me in my increasingly proactive Quest For Excellence.

I sometime wish "Unloosen" was a great big motivational poster that I could blanket my world with to keep my "hinder" in "gear."

P.S. Why do you have to be all hardball with that nice Rick Santorum? He's just a good hard worker who loves America and wants the keep our domestic animals safe from the wiles of certain "types," you know. I mean ... well ... gee whiz!

Anywho, I respectfully suggest that you make up for this slight against such a true American Champion by designating one of the days of the UAM calendar "Teach The Controversy" Day. Deal? Great!!!

My awareness detector must have been busted or something, because something in my life was lacking and I could not put my finger on it (more for fear of an inevitable sexual harassment suit than anything else). I missed the whole poiltician thing because I was busy watching Iron Maiden and Tool concerts like a slacker than putting pen to paper. Plus I hate politics, am not politically correct, prefer to use the politik spelling and love paying taxes.

I think I'll ooze awareness on the 21st of the month when I see GWAR! Oderus Urungus will know what to do.

"Open your gate, Lord of Hate...or your front porch is gonna get it!"

See what I mean?

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