Wet Lights by Frog

wet lights.jpg

Taken on a cold and wet day in early January of this year. I was driving around looking for anything to take a picture of. My favorite part is the bigfoot figure moving through the bottom of the photo. I waited nearly an hour for someone to walk down that street.


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I like this one a lot. Everything about it is interesting: the lighting, the colors (my favorite part), the composition, etc. I'm half-asleep right now, so I probably sound slightly retarded, but I think this photo rules.

Slick, indeed. Looks like some sort of morose procession is happening here, with the traffic moving one way. You're like a midnight sniper with this one, Frog. If the shadowy figure was Cha Cha Benny (Shamokin joke, sorry for the confusion) I think I would have swallowed my tongue. Awesome pic, Wiggy.

Ole' Cha Cha dosen't get around so good anymore. Speaking of which I was seconds away from getting a picture of him two days ago, but he ducked into a cigar store.

I like this, too. It looks like something that might have been painted by one of those far-out 19th Century Impressionist painters, if they had travelled through space and time to New York City in the 1970s. And then painted this scene. I mean this in a good way, of course.

If it really is Bigfoot in the foreground, I wonder if he was finally contemplating getting some new wheels and joining regular society. If so, well ... good for him, I guess. I only hope he doesn't let the bastards drag him down.

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