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this one is from early last year.


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This pic is all sorts of cool. My tenure at a parochial school was less psychedelic, however.

What did these youngsters do to take General Zod's place in his two-dimensional space prison?

They didn't bow to Zod.

Frog, how did you get this effect? As usual, it looks very good.

Lex Luthor, ruler of Australia, operate the machine.

Sorry, couldn't resist tossing in a Superman II reference of my own.

Ed-The worst sin of them all: they are Philadelphia Eagles fans.

Chris-It was some kind of optical illusion program. I just picked up a kalidascope and held to the lens.

I didn't know the Veteran's Stadium courtroom had the power to sentence people to space prison. I would fight them, but I relinquished my super powers so I could wed an earth woman.

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