War Of The Worlds: A Club 11 Movie Review

I’ve taken some heat recently for my review of Batman Begins. Some believe that I should take a more in-depth look at films rather than spew a rant. For those who share this opinion, bite me. I don’t feel the need to explain my art to you.

The only reason I bring this up, is because War Of The Worlds is so completely uninspiring that I don’t even have the passion for a rant. Your disappointment is tasty.

Spielberg has made another movie that starts well and goes nowhere (Saving Private Ryan, A.I., Minority Report...), and Tom Cruise has made another movie in which he runs. At least I wasn’t expecting much going into the theater. I was just hoping that it would be fun. It wasn't. If you’re going to make a disaster flick, at least make it fun.

On a scale of one to Club 11, War Of the Worlds gets a 4.


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Is it a coincidence that the movie got worse as it went on, coupled with the fact that the ending was shot in Naugatuck, CT? FYI, I live in Naugatuck, CT, and I'm the only cool thing about this town, which is not saying much.

I have not seen this film, but to those who have, was that Dakota Fanning girl annoying? She seems so, being all well spoken and smart for such a youngster. Why can't the kids in these movies be dumb and pick their noses or throw rocks and cry and freak out while wetting themselves in such an instance? I want a kid who fails the third grade and has a 200 word vocabulary as a child to our next world-saving hero.

Dakota Fanning's character was annoying in parts. The "know it all kid" role is always annoying. However, she did do a damn good job for a little kid. She was probably the best part of the movie. Other than the scientologist v. liberal throw down. In real life, Robbins would kick Tom's ass. That would have been a great twist.

I actually quite enjoyed Minority Report (it was the film that reminded me why I liked Spielberg in the first place after the huge letdown that was A.I.). Maybe what Spielberg needs to do is avoid making films that are set in New Jersey.

Were you watching a different film than I was? I think you stumbled into a special screening of "I Am Sam" the Director's Cut.

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