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During a recent trip to Arizona, I took this photo in a small town called Jerome. Perched atop a mountain, Jerome's an old mining town that's been taken over by artists and hippies. It's a place where restoration, decay, and conservation seem to coexist. This picture shows a few dying buildings near the edge of the very steep mountain.

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Here are some of the old Pork Pony articles I've recently added to the archives:

Pancakes by Tom Weaver
12 and 1 and I Have This Dream by Ed Darrin
My Name Is Not William, Part 1 by David Kendall, Jr.
Biscuit by Chris Leavens
Drinking Buddy by Tom Weaver

Time and Punishment and A Slight Breeze in the Afternoon by Jason Kornblatt

Jesus in PA: two great photos by Frog

Moulin Rouge and A Walk to Remember by Mike Wargo

I'm going through the Pork Pony archives and I'm trying to add things chronologically starting with the first PP entries and working my way up to the latest stuff. If you're waiting for a particular story or photo just let me know and I'll try to put it up sooner as opposed to later.

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I changed the banner to accomadate the added categories. What do you guys think? Also, I think a white background might make the site look a little better (as opposed to the blue). Black looks pretty boss-hog, but it may look a little too "dark" (read: goth). Let me know what you think. Drop a comment.

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After a hiatus that lasted a few years, Unloosen (formerly Pork Pony) is back. I've moved to the easier, more updateable and database-friendly Movable Type engine to make posting articles and maintaining the site easier on me. As those of you who were close to Pork Pony know, the maintenance of the site grew to be quite a strain on me and it became difficult for me to balance my full-time job with the rigorous update schedule I'd created for myself in the days of the double P.

I'll be adding old Pork Pony articles to the site in the coming days. Not everything will return, but most of the old stuff will be available. Feel free to comment on any of the articles or stories (you'll have to register to do so -- I don't want to deal with a bunch of anonymous, Ritalin-fueled 1337 speakers crashing my site).

In the coming weeks, I'll also be adding MP3 versions of many of the stories so you can take them with you on your iPod or similar portable device. Reading text from a screen can be straining, especially if the stories are long. I'll keep you posted on the progress Unloosen's audio department.

Thanks for dropping by,


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