Layout and Background Color?

By Chris Leavens

I changed the banner to accomadate the added categories. What do you guys think? Also, I think a white background might make the site look a little better (as opposed to the blue). Black looks pretty boss-hog, but it may look a little too "dark" (read: goth). Let me know what you think. Drop a comment.


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I like the white. I liked the blue too, kind of Art Deco-ish.

Side note: the link for Intelli-Advice doesn't work in the banner because you put the dash where there isn't one in the actual link.

Yeah, I caugh the Intelli-mistake, too. How does the banner look? I figure I'll add a brief site description to the right-hand column above the other stuff in order to help people understand what we are.

The banner looks great. Alot of wasted space on the "about" link on the last one. I like the blue highlights in it too. A search function? Movin' on up...

Thanks. I agree that there was tons of wasted space on the last banner, I just liked it visually. I'm going to put this banner on the rest of the archive, section, and individual pages tomorrow. I'll just highlight the individual sections by changing the image on the left-hand side of the banner.

Sounds like a good idea about the individual sections, easier navigation from page to page.

I'm intrigued about the reviews and nonfiction section.

I like the new banner, and am pretty psyched about the review section being added. I'm a fan of Club 11, though I usually find myself outside of the velvet rope standing in line with the other people whose shoes aren't fashionable enough to actually gain entry. Maybe one day I could get a Club 11 review of one of my scripts that will never be filmed?

What really makes the search feature sweet is that if you type in Chuck Norris, you actually get something.

Club 11 does rule. I hope Wargo's seen that it's up.

On a side note, it looks like Internet Explorer is mangling my banner. For some reason, it's chopping off the top two lines above the search area. That's why I use Firefox now. I suggest the same for the rest of you.

OK, looks like I solved the IE problem. Let me know if there are any other issues.

The Intelli-link still not working on random pages due to the extra dash.

It should be fixed now. Thanks for the QC.

Chris, the Unloosen banner seems to indicate that the website is kosher. I am not sure whether this is, in fact, true, and I know you wouldn't want to offend anybody.

I have some contacts that can give me a ruling on this. I will get back to you.

Dudeman, I have been told on multiple occassions that I look and even act Jewish, so it does not surprise me that I subliminally made the banner pure for eating. Maybe this is a sign.

My sources say the site is all clear. I figured it would be fine, what with the whole incident last year with the baking powder with the cream of tartar. Learned your lesson that time, huh, Chris?

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