Unloosen is Alive

By Chris Leavens

After a hiatus that lasted a few years, Unloosen (formerly Pork Pony) is back. I've moved to the easier, more updateable and database-friendly Movable Type engine to make posting articles and maintaining the site easier on me. As those of you who were close to Pork Pony know, the maintenance of the site grew to be quite a strain on me and it became difficult for me to balance my full-time job with the rigorous update schedule I'd created for myself in the days of the double P.

I'll be adding old Pork Pony articles to the site in the coming days. Not everything will return, but most of the old stuff will be available. Feel free to comment on any of the articles or stories (you'll have to register to do so -- I don't want to deal with a bunch of anonymous, Ritalin-fueled 1337 speakers crashing my site).

In the coming weeks, I'll also be adding MP3 versions of many of the stories so you can take them with you on your iPod or similar portable device. Reading text from a screen can be straining, especially if the stories are long. I'll keep you posted on the progress Unloosen's audio department.

Thanks for dropping by,



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Move over Google...here comes Unloosen!

Great to be back, even if it means working with that Gimble spank again. Frog has been notified, so expect some visual treasures from the diamond of the coal region. Maybe Hondo will make an appearance.

Once something hits me, expect some new material. Perhaps another installment from my adventures at the flea market or just another story of nonsense. And my first report at a sporting venue shall appear, as well. Yes, I'll be at the dog track next month, you can count on it.

Plenty of other stuff to talk about, such as the much anticipated release of "The Lady Red Trio" DVD, from master writer/director/editor Brandon Kane at Cosmic Control Productions! I'm in it, as "Buck the restaurant host" (not to be confused with my role as "Buck the hotel manager" from the film "Scorpion Bowl", also by CCP). Maybe I'll even write about how I lost my much treasured "The Young Ones" DVD, or even post some stuff about the comic book I have in the works entitled, "Chester the Bastard".

More to come. This time we're serious. Not Yahoo Serious, just the regular kind of serious.


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