Announcements, Announcements

By Chris Leavens


So it's been a freakishly-busy six months for me. Aside from my normal work and my personal artwork, I've also been creating artwork for a fairly large game project called Glitch. Today, Glitch was officially announced. More info:

Official Glitch website!

I also had an interview published recently on the vector art website Vectortuts. Here it is.

Lastly, if you're interested in amazingly-crazy music/art festivals, my art will be shown at this weekend's Lucent L'amour Festival here in LA. Details.

More to come very soon!


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This is simply stratospheric. To think, your stuff is even on CNN right now, how cool is that? No, really, how cool *is* that? I'm doing a study of levels of cool...

I'm debating attendance at LL this year as it's not the most fun thing to be alone at, despite its splendours. Still, it is local this time around...

That's really cool Chris, I'm really happy for your accomplishments. Reading about you on CNN was sweet. By the way, why can't that Anderson Cooper find the right girl?

Again, congrats. The game looks great.

I like sports.


Congratulations on these exciting projects. I wish you much success in these and any other endeavors you might have planned. Well, not ANY endeavors. I mean, if you were planning to start murdering people or something like that, obviously I could not in good faith endorse such an undertaking. But art-related stuff? Definitely! And by "art," I mean the kind of stuff you are actually doing now, pictures and so forth, not murdering people and calling it "performance art." Because I'm sure people have tried that excuse. "Well, yes, I did brutally dismember all 17 of those people. But it's not murder, Your Honor, it's performance art!" Well, bollocks, I say! The law is the law, Jean Valjean. You can't go around stabbing and shooting people and then saying it's cool because you have a MacArthur genius grant. That piper cub just won't fly, buddy.

I seem to have gotten off topic. What was the question...?

Well, it wasn't a question, per se, Joe. We were simply given 30 seconds to name as many birds as we can that begin with the letter B.

Does "bird" count as a bird name?

No, but I believe Charlie Parker does.

WOWIE, that's über exciting! It looks phenomenal, and to see your characters animated is spine tingling fantastic. You were on CNN? Dang, I missed that. Looking forward to getting lost in your world this fall.

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