By Chris Leavens


Apologies for the lack of communications, I've been INCREDIBLY busy lately.

Here we have a collaboration between the great Roctopus and myself. It was great working with the Roctopus, and I think the results speak for themselves!

More Roctopus:

Also, keep your eyes peeled for a Roctopus tutorial coming to vectortuts.

I've got a few illustrations that I'll be posting soon, I'm just waiting for the OK as one's set to be published.

More to come!

Vector Art, Adobe Illustrator CS4


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You should find a way to play "Africa" by Toto in the background when you click on this piece.

That was a cool song.

that is really nifty!
What process did you use to collaborate?

I had to blow this up to get a good peek at it...the small initial view doesn't do it justice!

I see a more "Safety Dance" or "Land Down Under" deal going on in this one. This piece may even define Kajagoogoo.

Chris! This is so cool. Bizarre, but really cool, and I love that. Instant real estate! I like the lines on the zeppelin, and the thing making the clouds is fabulous!

This one's really great, though I'm sure you knew I'd think so based on the subject matter alone. Great sense of depth and of things actually floating. A good blend of the physically real with the cartoonish. Something about this -- I don't know if it's subject matter or colour -- makes it one of your most "professional" pieces to date. Really strong stuff.

"Africa" and "Rosanna" are two of the guilty-pleasure reasons I cut adult-contemporary the slack that I do, by the way.

Awesome work! Can't wait to see it on Imagekind

Dude. DUDE! This is awesome. Love the overall composition and the character with umbrella just completes the picture so nicely. It's always a pleasure to see your latest and greatest.

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