By Chris Leavens


The impossibility of the journey was only trumped by its staggering strangeness.

This one took me a long, long time. I experimented with some new patterns, textures, and ideas. Hopefully it all works.

Vector Art, Adobe Illustrator CS4

Prints: chrisleavens.imagekind.com

Detail images:





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I'm totally drawn to by the one mystical owl with the cosmic gear and his top chakra showing. Everything else is secondary. I want a tshirt with him standing on his cactus, just cold controlling the weather.

The rest of the pic is sweet, but it's just the whole symbolism of that character that's my cup of tea. The megabird perched horizontally on the Great Big H unnerves me, although I respect him for building up his core strength to such a level.

Very odd and cool! I love the subtle color palette.

Love this crazy image! Getting those subtle textures and details in vector must be painstaking...

This is awesome! I love the craziness and just overall weightless feel of this piece.
The owls are my favorite part.

Oh, it all works, all right! The expression on those mad turtle guys tickles me silly. The faint structure in the background really gives it dimension. But my personal favorite is the little camel-dog-thing at the bottom. Incredible stuff! :)

Beautifully surreal and great colours!

Wow... Very cool!

I never run out of things to look at in your art.

that is just too fantastic! well done

I'm loving with your fantastic characters! also like the details and those wonderful colors.

I really like the pop of the irish mustache three eyed guy...and it does have a sense of weightlessness to it that really popped when I read the comment...nice

fabulous! is that an all seeing wise owl?

So much detail and yet it has beautiful simplicity... Nice work!

Wonderful and rollicking...Makes me think of the nursery rhyme about the

Three wise men of Gotham [who]
Went to see in a sieve

Holy smokes, nice Illustrator control. Just the gradient work would kill me. Very nice.

Cryptic owls and traveling trios are nice. The rest is nice, too. Keep on keeping-on, as they say.

Awesome work. I really love the design of the little camel bug thingy-- a very engaging character and I'd like to see more of him.

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