The Bunny Bites Back

By Chris Leavens

And soon the smoke beast began to expand like a balloon, scaring every ounce of bejesus out of the house-hungry cyclops. (Illustration Friday, topic: balloon)


I actually finished this illustration about a week and a half ago, but I'm posting it now to correspond with the publish date of a tutorial I was hired to write for the website Vectortuts. If you're really interested in vector illustration and you're looking to learn a bit more about my process, check it out. I will warn you, however, that it's a members-only tutorial and you'll have to pay to play.

Here's the link, in case you missed it:

Vector Illustration, Adobe Illustrator CS4



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very amazing

I like it


Nice work on the cyclops, he's cool.

it's incredible how you find out these guys! fantastic work! i hope this house with evil bunny isn't your new one :)

i love the colors!
nice work.

Aaaah, finally. A worthy adversary.

Dang, Chris, you keep 'em coming! My husband used to call me Dumb Bunny. He does it again, I'm going to whip out my bunny fangs!

I love this! your style is just fabulous, I look forward to it every week!

Cloud bunny make Hulk angry. And yet, it makes me feel just dandy! Nifty stuff, even!

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