Cold Jimbo

By Chris Leavens


Here's a monster I created for Studioaiko's awesome monster party. I dropped in a background for kicks.

Vector art, Adobe Illustrator CS4


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What monster party is complete without this guy? He's definitely super cool, or warm, depending on how you look at it. I need one of those burners for my belly this winter!

Get a cold feeling from this!!! Hey I finally got my stuff ordered last night!!! Only one autograph!!!

Heeheee, FABulous! Love the reds and stripey longjohns. Where can I get a scarf that vomits snow?

I want to sit close to his belly, cozy and warm. Love it!

Holy freakin' cow. I love everything about this. This would make a great Christmas card as well. Congrats on the article.

Once again, your stripy tripods send me to the moon, which has been very bright lately.


I love this guy... he's blue and fuzzy and cold and weird!

Merry Christmas!


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