Fruit Tree

By Chris Leavens

In the forgotten days of monster birds, offspring were sprung from head trees. (Illustration Friday, topic: forgotten)


I'm actually pretty psyched about this one.


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You should be... it rocks. Great concept, characters, and color.

Love it. Very well done. The critter popping out of the hole does it for me.

This is gorgeous! Really imaginative and great style! Nice work.

Fancy! Very... imaginative as always

This is one of the great ones -- top-shelf colours and angles. The majestic fearsomeness of the genesis tree is nearly overwhelming.

I'm now more than a little bit fond of the wee creature emerging from legendary Bird Tree Hole... Is he a seer? Or is he merely a prognosticator? Is there, implicit in his contented gaze, some foreknowledge of a brand new kind of hope for the Treebirds?

There's a palpable sense of density and depth in the way you've rendered the background foresty parts, too.

good work, nice illo, is pretty cool.

Great! That little yellow dude is fantastic!

Your mythology of plants, mountain creatures, and anisocoric birds, while not at all like a Nick Drake album, is reaching a richness of fantasy-novel proportions. I suspect that's part of what you're going for.

This pic speaks to me of dread, parasitism, and the unflinching brutality that is part and parcel of life in the Serengeti. Totally metal.

Wonderfully bizarre!
I love the perspective and the little offspring drops.
your bird looks a little bewildered!
Nice job!

Have a great day!


Bizarre and a bit scary but I def love the colors and the critter is too....too...too much fun :)

Okay now this made me laugh. I like it. Your style is so delightful that I find myself staring at it for awhile before I decide to comment. Love the tree. Love the off-the-wall concept and dynamite execution. Great!

i always look forward to the interesting characters and scenes that you come up with for IF :) great job, chris!


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