Envia tu Dinero by Alex Kinnan

By Alex Kinnan

This is just a quickie I grabbed out a car window while passing through downtown. I'm not entirely sure about what it means to "envia tu dinero," though from this ad, it seems like something that's done by mountaineering construction workers who very well might perform in disco-revival bands on the weekends. In Mexico.


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I'm not sure I trust this $5 tour guide. I'd more likely follow his lead if he wore one of those spelunking headlamps.

Actually, for $5, he'll show you a pretty good time. With the caves you'd be exploring, headlamps aren't really all that necessary... Probably because they're in Mexico, and Mexico has had electric lighting for decades now.


Senor Novembre......Senor Deciembre......

im not a good english speaker but the poster says: send all the money you want for only $5 dlls... its an advertising poster for mexican workers that want to send money to their families...

Thanks for the translation and the comment!

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