Trojan Hospitality by Alex Kinnan

By Alex Kinnan

Word has it that when the Trojans are feeling INhospitable, they take off the tape...


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What if I don't like my 2 x 4s taped? Then, wouldn't the removal of the tape be considered hospitable? Jeez, guess I'm just more of a glass-half-full guy than you are.

There's something bizarrely appealing about the colors and composition here. At the same time, it really rouses my inner Beavis. It works on so many levels.


I don't even know why, but I like this one allot. If I were the king of the Trojans though, I would prolly never take the tape off. I'm that kind of guy, I guess. I'm something of a people person. Or not.


Thank you for telling them all about this. It is nice.


Thanks, all.

"Grumbles:" My pleasure.

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