Revenge by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

The seemingly endless parade of oblivious birds chomping his brethren had planted enough seeds of resent, anger, and hatred to animate the building. (Illustration Friday, topic: seed)

I've been invited to display some of my work at a group show here in Los Angeles on May 17, so I've been busy preparing (hence the lateness of this post). If you live out here, or you're going to be in the area and want to check out the show, feel free to email me for more details: chris[type at symbol]

And yes, as one might imagine, I was really, really tempted (in a heavy sort of way) to use this topic as an excuse to draw multiple Neils from The Young Ones, but I found restraint.



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THis is super awesome!

Congrats on the show!!! Great work...really like the color scheme on this...

Coolness in regards to the show!

Those damn pickle birds will get theirs, soon enough! That is definately a nighttime attack. If the sun were out, I foresee a magnifying glass being used, perhaps by the sun itself!

I thought this post was late because you were busy upstairs finishing painting your astrological star chart.

ooh the wrath of the purple building! as always, you are very imaginative :) congratulations on your show!

Great job, Chris!
I love it so much.

Congrats from Barcelona.

What if the show is in that one building? Not the one being eaten by one (or more) birds but ... the other one?

I like the colours and stars here; they make me think of times in my youth spent in and around movie theatres and bowling alleys built or refurbished in the "Nineteen-Fifties" or thereabouts.

Even though I dig me your birds, it is good to see them getting some sort of comeuppance for their more dastardly acts of the last several illos.

The one bird, near the foreground looks like he isn't even scared -- like he's simply resigned to the blowback at hand, but ain't sweatin' it 'cause he knows that after he gets back to the nest and chills with some Colt 45 and an hour on a "lolcats" site, he'll have the urge to raise hell again.

And, for some reason, I kind of support that.

Still, at this time, in this place, it is nice to finally see one of your cities fight back. If Chicago had done this in 1981 or '82, maybe it would still be the number two city in America.

It seems to me that all of the creatures in this illo are just zombified versions of some of your other creatures. But before I level an out-and-out accusation of Derivative Zombification at you, I will ask you this: Don't you remember all the conversations we've had about TV shows like Alice and Family Ties, and how we didn't want to watch them anymore after they trotted out a zombification episode one too many times? Have you forgotten?

Good day.


I am so impressed with your work every week.
Such detailed illustrations!
I love the color palette and all the details.
And I LOVE your birds!

Congratulations on your show, too.
I wish I was even remotely nearby...
I'd definitely love to go.

Have a great day!
And thanks for your very kind comment.



This is very nice and interesting. Thank you for making it.

Just plain awesome. Amazing detail and great, wacky color sense. Good to see those dang building-munching birds getting theirs too.

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