Overgrown by Chris Leavens

By Chris Leavens

When your home is overrun by orange and yellow vines and vegetative cyclopes, it's time to worry. (Illustration Friday, topic: worry)

I put a little extra work into this one, hope it shows. Now the tired is setting in heavily.

On an Adobe Illustrator-related tech note, I've found the root of my computer's slowness when confronted with complex images. It's all tied to the thumbnail previews in the layers pallet. After each new item is drawn, it's redrawn in the layers pallet. If I hide the layers pallet momentarily while working on complex images, the slowness disappears. This is a minor nuisance for me because I like to keep the layers pallet exposed all the time -- I use lots of layers (I like my files to be somewhat organized). But I guess if it helps me to put off dropping 2.5 Gs on a new computer, I'll deal with it for now.

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Wonderful use of color. Love your inclusion of PS tips; very interesting. I use the CS2 version of Photoshop and find it's bad about holding on to memory as well. I too use lots of layers when working digitally.
Lovely piece.

Love your image! To join in the techy banter I used to hide parts of my images in illustrator as I went along to speed up the preview... And then I gave in and bought a new mac. Never worried about it again.

Now it's time for a well deserved rest!
Your illustration is fabulous!

To quote an old friend..."killer!" I especially like the tether ball possibilities in the yard.

This one is good and kicks it up a whole notch. I likes me the evenness of tone and the handlebar mustaches.

If you're really thinking of dropping a new computer, be sure that it is rated to handle at least 9 Gs. Otherwise, do not be holding gangstas above your computer, only to release them upon it. Many of them are quite stout and weighed down with heavy bling. Not even Apple's best aluminium and glass could withstand such an onslaught.


Q: Name the time and place when it was finally revealed us humans that Space Vines can and do steal our precious clouds.

(Answer below)

A: Right here, right now. There is no other illo I'd rather be. Looking at. Right now.

wonderful illustration - I love the story it tells, the colors and twisting branches and leaves - really beautiful!

I think your work ALWAYS looks like you spent lots of time, and this one especially! I adore the mustaches, and even with only one eye the faces are so expressive :) Hey I added a link to you on my blog, hope you don't mind!

The snails are sad because they're upside down.

Or is it OUR PERSPECTIVE that's upside down?!

Well played, sir.

I agree. Chris came up all kind of trumps in this shell game.


Great work!
I really like the color palette and the crazy-twisty vines!
How was your group show? I'm sure your work was well received.

Thanks for your comment. And just to explain... my illustration was a tribute to a red-eared slider turtle that I discovered the morning after a particularly violent spring storm. My thoughts kept returning to her throughout the day, so when I found that Friday's topic was "worry," it just seemed appropriate. I, too am an animal lover and am the one who tends to worry about the small things.

Have a great week
and keep on creating your wonderful work!


Thanks, everybody.

Senta -- thanks for the link. More publicity is never a bad thing. I'll have to throw together a links section one of these days

Denise (and anyone else who's interested) -- the group show went pretty well. People seemed to really like my work. I sold four prints (in fact, I was the only person to sell any work that night) and made a few contacts that might help my work spider out into other venues. We'll see.

that little extra work definitely paid off. it looks wonderful! your characters have this endearing quality to them even when they're doing things that would normally scare or annoy people. you're consistently good :)

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